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Certified Public Manager® Program

CPM white on black logoThe ASU Certified Public Manager® Program is accredited by the National CPM Consortium and is designed to improve the quality and efficiency of government agencies by developing the effectiveness and professionalism of its managers. Over 2,000 public managers have earned the CPM credential through ASU. The program is available in both a classroom and an online format. The online CPM Program attracts a mix of participants from Arizona and other states. Bob Ramsey Executive Education is the only nationally accredited provider of the Certified Public Manager® (CPM) credential in Arizona.

Northeast Arizona: The CPM Program will be offered in Holbrook beginning February 2016. Details...

Certification Requirements

To earn the CPM credential, participants are required to complete a minimum of 300 hours of structured learning activities addressing the following CPM competencies.

Personal and Organizational Integrity
Managing Work
Leading People
Developing Self
Systemic Integration
Public Service Focus
Change Leadership

Part 1: Prerequisite Component

A minimum of 60 hours of instructor-led classes addressing the CPM competencies should be completed as a prerequisite to the ASU CPM Program. Supervisor academies at the following organizations are currently pre-approved as fulfilling this prerequisite.

Certified Municipal Clerks (IIMC)
City of Peoria
City of Phoenix
City of Tempe
Cochise College
Pinal County

If you completed academic courses or professional development classes that address the CPM competencies, please contact us to discuss whether they may potentially count toward the prerequisite.

Part 2: ASU CPM Program Component

A minimum of 240 hours of learning activities will be completed during the ASU CPM Program. To ensure you complete the required hours for certification, you should plan on participating in every class and completing all assignments.

For more information, please contact:

Sally Manatt
CPM Program Coordinator
Phone: 602-496-1303

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