Bernie Bronson

After working in manufacturing for more than thirty years, Operations Manager Bernie Bronson has spent the last nine years working with the Arizona Correctional Industries. The organization’s goal is to reduce the recidivism rate by providing real world work experience and marketable skills for state prison inmates so they may obtain gainful employment upon their release.

Bronson has always been interested in continuing his education and has both a Green and Black belt in Lean Six Sigma. To date he has completed more than thirteen seminars with Bob Ramsey Executive Education.

“I enjoy the Bob Ramsey Executive Education Program because it offers a wide variety of subject matters directly related to the many challenges you encounter working within and with government agencies,” Bronson explains.

For Bronson, the Management Leadership Seminars provide a unique educational benefit because they are designed to address the issues and hurdles most government agencies encounter on a daily basis, while offering the tools needed for individuals at any organizational level to enact change within their own agencies.

“I have had the pleasure to meet with all of the exceptional instructors and was very impressed with the depth of their knowledge as experts in their fields,” Bronson shared. “I personally enjoyed attending the seminars and I use what I learned from them to help make improvements within my agency on a day to day basis.”