Kim Humphrey

Kim Humphrey is a retired 32 year veteran of the Phoenix Police Department. He is currently a consultant on public safety technology, change management, and leadership. In his last three years with the Phoenix police department, he oversaw the replacement of the Records Management System, integrating and modernizing all of the data and business processes. Prior to this he was the commander of the Communications Bureau, responsible for 911 and dispatching for the city of Phoenix. Prior to this he was commander over the Professional Standards Bureau for approximately three years, responsible for internal investigations and audits. Previously he spent three years as the Commander of the Public Affairs Bureau. This bureau is responsible for internal and external communications and enhancing the image of the police department. Prior, he was the commander of the Desert Horizon Precinct, the largest precinct in Phoenix at 135 square miles with over 330,000 residents. Prior to this he was the Executive Director of the Arizona Regional Community Policing Institute which provides community oriented policing training and technical assistance for law enforcement and community leadership. He was also in charge of the Domestic Violence/Missing Persons Unit for the Family Investigations Bureau of the Phoenix Police Department and served as co-chair of the Phoenix Domestic Violence Task Force. He served as the chair of the Governor’s implementation team for Domestic Violence training and is the past chair of the Maricopa Association of Governments Domestic Violence Council. He is also on the Board of Directors of Homeward Bound a transitional housing organization, and is the past President of the Board for Sojourner Center, the largest domestic violence shelter in the country and is a speaker for and member of the Men’s Anti-Violence Network (M.A.N.).

He actively worked on local, state and national initiatives to address the issue of abuse of performance enhancing drugs by police personnel, and has presented on this topic to the International Association of Chief’s of Police 2008 annual conference. Kim is active at both the local and national levels of community development; for example, he assisted with the creation and implementation of an Anti-Gang and Community Based Policing Initiative and coordinated several National and State Conferences on Domestic Violence. His comprehensive knowledge of domestic violence and how it affects business, the health industry, and the criminal justice system continues to be an essential resource for prevention professionals, police departments, and communities nationwide.

Kim directed a $1.9 million dollar U.S. Department of Justice Comprehensive Communities Program Grant for Community Policing, and has created two Community Policing videos that are used to train police officers and aid communities. He was instrumental in the development of the new Family Advocacy Center in Phoenix; a criminal justice and community collaboration designed as a “one-stop” holistic center for victims of domestic and sexual violence. He also administered a million-dollar grant that provides training to communities and tribal nations within the State of Arizona in the area of domestic violence and community policing.