CPM: National Certified Public Manager® Consortium

January 2024 CPM Online Program

Classes meet online each week. Each week begins Monday and ends at midnight the following Sunday.

The value of the online CPM Program is maximized as part of a group learning experience; it is not intended to be a self-study course. Therefore, ASU’s online Certified Public Manager Program's format and curriculum incorporates the following to enable a structured peer-to-peer learning experience:

  • Individual assignments, discussion board questions, and presentations
  • Group assignments, discussion board questions, and presentations
  • Recorded lectures, case studies, and assessments
  • Virtual live sessions

Program Eligibility

To be eligible for the Certified Public Management® Program, applicants are required to have completed at least 60 hours of learning activities that address the CPM Competencies. This requirement can be fulfilled through completion of one of the approved Supervisor Academies or other learning activities that address the CPM competencies. To begin the application process, please download and submit your completed CPM Application. Admitted applicants will be provided further instructions.

If you are an out of state applicant, please note as a member of the National Certified Public Managers® Consortium (NCPMC), when an out-of-state student approaches us, they must provide a participation agreement from their home state/territory CPM program approving of the student’s participation in ASU’s online program before applying with us. To see if a CPM program is available in your state, please click here.

Application Deadline: January 8, 2024

Program Schedule: CPM Cohort 2401-O

Class Meeting Dates:

CPM Course 1: 1/22/2024 - 2/25/2024
CPM Course 2: 3/18/2024 – 4/21/2024 
CPM Course 3: 5/13/2024 – 6/16/2024
CPM Course 4: 7/8/2024 - 8/11/2024
CPM Course 5: 9/2/2024 – 10/6/2024



Program Commitment:

To earn the Certified Public Manager® designation, you will need to be able to commit to the following requirements:

  • Complete all assignments on a weekly basis, averaging 10 hours per week
  • Submit all assignments by their designated due date
  • Actively engage in the learning process

Program Cost:

Registering for your seat in Course 1 will guarantee your seat for the entire program. You will need to register for subsequent courses (Courses 2-5) prior to the payment Due Date listed in the table below.

If you plan on paying via check or purchase order (PO), please contact Linda Hess at 602-496-1305 or Linda.Hess@asu.edu for correct options on your registration.

  • $3,500 Arizona State Resident
  • $3,750 Non-Arizona State Resident

The following options for course payments are available:

  1. Full program payment (all five courses): Due January 8, 2024
  2. Payments by course are due on the dates listed below:
Payment Due Date AZ Resident Non-AZ Resident
Course #1 payment January 8, 2024 $700 $750
Course #2 payment March 4, 2024 $700 $750
Course #3 payment April 29, 2024 $700 $750
Course #4 payment June 24, 2024 $700 $750
Course #5 payment August 19, 2024 $700 $750

Cancellations and Refunds:

Cancellations received within two weeks of the first day of class will be assessed a $50.00 cancellation fee.

As of the first day of each class, program registration fees are non-refundable.